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Guidance Policy

At BCCS we view behavior as communication, and an opportunity to teach. When a child reacts to a situation in a negative manner it is because they are still learning or have not yet developed a skill. It is our job to teach those skills and to provide opportunities to practice them. 

Some ways to teach children appropriate behaviors are:

  • Building Nurturing and Responsive Relationships – Children learn and develop in the context of relationships that are responsive, consistent, and nurturing.

  • Create high quality environments- Creating high quality and supportive environments involves the physical set up of the room, the equipment and materials that we provide, the schedule, routines and transition as well as the emotional environment.  By adjusting or modifying the environment we can support children in learning to be successful.

  • Teaching of Social and Emotional Skills-children who know how to identify feelings in themselves and others as well as having the opportunity to learn social skills that developmentally appropriate are more likely to be successful in all areas of their lives.


While teaching these skills staff at BCCS will:

  • ALWAYS use clear concise and positive communication

  • Give choices where appropriate

  • Redirect if needed

  • Use logical consequences

  • Allow for natural consequences if safe to do so.

  • Remove from activity (Time Away)

  • Identify, encourage & acknowledge appropriate behavior.

  • Use visuals to support the learning

  •  Use the First and Then strategy

  • Teach, model and facilitate problem solving


Teachers will ask themselves the following before choosing a strategy

-Can I use this strategy consistently?

-Does this strategy help to build a secure and trusting relationship with the child?

-Does this strategy respect the child’s abilities and level of development?

-Does this strategy teach what is expected?

-Does this strategy leave the child’s self esteem intact?

-Is this the least intrusive strategy that I can use in this situation?


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