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Immunization of children prior to entry into care is strongly advised; parents who do not wish to immunize their child/children must give a signed letter to the BCCS, stating that they have chosen not to immunize their child/children and which of the immunizations they have chosen to avoid.

These parents cannot hold the BCCS liable for the child becoming infected with diseases for which the child is not immunized. If there is an outbreak of an immmunizable disease a child who has not been immunized may be asked to stay out of the centre until the outbreak has passed


When Your Child Needs Medication

Whenever possible, please arrange with your doctor for a medication schedule that permits your child to have his or her dosages at home. When medication is given at home, it is important to let your centre staff know to ensure this information is passed on in case an emergency situation arises.

Medication, both prescription and non-prescription, can only be administered to your child by staff with a physician’s authorization. The medication must be in the original container and must be clearly labeled with your child’s name, the physician’s name, the name of the medication as well as the dosage and the time of administration. Any special instructions or possible side effects should be indicated on the “Permission to Administer Medication Form.” “Permission to Administer Non-Prescription Medication Form” is available for those medications that are not prescribed by your doctor. This form will need to be filled out by your doctor in order for our staff to administer the non-prescription medication.


Is Your Child Well Enough To Come To Daycare?

Health and Wellness quick reference chart

Temperature of 37.4 C or higher (orally) or 99 F / 38.2 C or higher (via ear)

May return to child care after 48 hours fever free without the use of fever reducing medications.

Runny nose

May return to child care after 24 hours provided that no new symptoms arise, and the nasal discharge remains clear.

Vomiting and diarrhea

May return to child care after 48 hours provided no new symptoms arise.


May return to child care after 48 hours provided no new symptoms arise.

Sore throat

May return to child care after 48 hours provided no new symptoms arise. 

Difficulty breathing or wheezing

May return to child care after 24 hours provided they have no new symptoms and are well enough to participate in the program.

Unexplained fatigue, aches or cold/flu-like symptoms

May return to child care after 48 hours provided symptoms have improved and they are well enough to participate in the program. 

Sinus congestion

May return to child care after 24 hours provided they have no new symptoms. 

Any other symptoms that you are unclear on:

Contact management at or 604 520 6017 ext. 101 for clarification

When in doubt that your child is well enough to attend, error on the side of caution.



1. Sign-In/Sign-Out


When you bring your child to the centre each day, please be sure to sign him/her in on the attendance sheet and note the time you expect to pick him/her up that evening. It is also helpful if you indicate in the “comment’s section” any events or special circumstances that may affect your child’s day.

When you pick up your child, indicate in the “actual time out” column the time that you leave, and add your initials. This is an important safety factor and officially transfers the care of your child from the Society’s centre to you. We ask that you sign your child out as soon as you enter the classroom and that you are aware that once your child is signed out they are now your responsibility.


2. Late Pick Up


Parents are charged a penalty of $15.00 for every fifteen minutes, or part thereof that they arrive after 6:00 pm. In unusual circumstances, parents may contact the Administrator to discuss the possibility of waiving the fine.

If, after 60 minutes (1 hour), staff have been unable to reach the child’s parent(s)/guardian(s) or the designated emergency contact, we are required by law to contact the Ministry of Children and Families to arrange for the care of your child.

Please be aware that repeated incidents of late pick ups may jeopardize your child care service.


Health and Safety

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