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Where did We Begin?

The Burnaby Children’s Centres Society consists of two daycares. The first of the two centres to open was what was previously known as the BC HYDRO Children’s Centre, it has since been renamed as the Taylor Park Children’s Centre.


This centre was opened in May of 1995. The Hanna Court Children’s Centre opened in September 1995 constructed by the City of Burnaby. Although the two centres were built through sponsor funding, our non-profit society primarily operates through enrollment, provincial government grants and fundraising activities.


Spaces at both centres are available to any family of the community. The Burnaby Children’s Centres Society provides licensed, group childcare for children from three months to five years of age.


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Our Child Care Programs

Each of our programs is based on the believe that children learn best through play. We feel that the job of the educator in early childhood is to support children in creating a love of learning. By providing open ended experiences we provide opportunities for children to develop their own curiosity and inquire further. By following the lead of the child we provide experiences that show the child their value and take the lead in their learning.

All areas of development are taken into consideration when preparing the program, the classroom and the routine at BCCS. We feel that the development of social and emotional skills are the basis of every child’s success. Therefore, much of our programming is centered around providing many opportunities for learning and practicing of these important skills.

Parent Involvement

One of the strengths of the Burnaby Children’s Centres Society is the involvement of the parents. All families with children in the centres are members of the BCCS. As society members, you are entitled to attend monthly board meetings and encouraged to vote at the annual general meeting (usually held in June). Five parents from each centre are elected to the Board of Directors and represent their centre at the Society’s monthly meetings.

You can support the Society by attending Society meetings, holding elected office, representing your centre, participating in fundraising events or in a variety of other ways limited only by your own interest, time and energy!


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